sham khalil wrote:

i want to install openoffice on my FreeBSD-4.9-RELEASE
my /usr is only 3.1G, it said I need 4G
so i put my /usr/ports into /home which i have plenty of space
/usr/ports -> /home/ports

i can't install openoffice with both command, make install and

error message is in the attachment

thanks you.
sham khalil

install comand: make install clean

../../../dist/include/docshell/nsIDocShell.h:750: virtual outside class
../../../dist/include/docshell/nsIDocShell.h:750: function `nsresult
SetScheme(const nsAString&)' is initialized like a variable
../../../dist/include/docshell/nsIDocShell.h:752: syntax error before `}' token
../../../dist/include/docshell/nsIDocShell.h:784:11: warning: no newline at end
of file
../../../dist/include/docshell/nsIDocShell.h:711:1: unterminated #ifndef
nsObserverBase.cpp: In member function `virtual nsresult
nsObserverBase::NotifyWebShell(nsISupports*, nsISupports*, const char*,
nsObserverBase.cpp:76: `nsIDocShell' undeclared (first use this function)
nsObserverBase.cpp:76: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
each function it appears in.)
nsObserverBase.cpp:76: template argument 1 is invalid
nsObserverBase.cpp:76: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `docshell' with no type
nsObserverBase.cpp:76: cannot convert `const nsQueryInterface' to `int' in

This says in the file nsObserverBase.cpp there is a typo or syntax error at lines 76 and 79. I have seen the same type error from using -O2 or higher on gcc. Try -O when you compile it, check the file for errors if you are good at programing, or download the src again.

nsObserverBase.cpp:79: invalid conversion from `int' to `nsISupports*'
nsObserverBase.cpp:79: initializing argument 1 of `const nsQueryInterface
do_QueryInterface(nsISupports*, nsresult*)'
{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:13: Error: symbol `GetForm' is already defined

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