On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Guy Silliman wrote:

> I am trying to get a Compaq 1850R running.  It is a dual PII 400MHz
> machine that works fine with Win2k server... but
> I would prefer to use fbsd 5.x but I am stumped by this panic at
> sysinstall.


Well, the old Compaqs have some quite rough edges, and 5.1R (or do you
use a -current snapshot?) is also in some things not that nice...
Sometimes you have to set it to NT4-OS Type.

> I have searched all the lists and have tried several fixes mentioned
> including the "Full table - Mapped" and OS set to Win2k in the BIOS.
> I have tried disabling the onboard NIC as a possible source of conflicts
> but no luck.
I had in my former company a 1850 running SMP with a 4.8-stable.
The onboard SCSI is basically a Symbios one, and it was recognized
without hassle.

(Ok, it needs the compaq tool partition to do RAID stuff, but... well,
broke it during installation)

> I would be willing to go with a late 4.x but it does not probe the
> onboard SCSI  thus I have no drives.
> I do have a Smart Array 3200 ordered and coming - this may solve the 4.x
> issue, but I am puzzled by the panic with 5.x.

That ist strange indeed, my box (dual PIII-500) went fine.
But perhaps there is also a different Mainboard in, with some
undocumented change in  the series.


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