On Tuesday 11 November 2003 00:12, Daniela wrote:
> Hi all, I'm creating a Knoppix-like FreeBSD release (live filesystem, runs
> from CD) with 4.9 sources. I'm almost done, but I don't know what to do
> with swap. I read somewhere that I must have a swap partition in my
> /etc/fstab, can't this requirement be overridden?

From -current NOTES (don't have 4.9 arround):
Disable swapping of upages and stack pages.  This option removes all
code which actually performs swapping, so it's not possible to turn
it back on at run-time.
This is sometimes usable for systems which don't have any swap space
(see also sysctls "vm.defer_swapspace_pageouts" and

options        NO_SWAPPING

But I think I used exactly that option when I did my embedded BSD more than 
one year ago.

Best regards,


> And can I create a vn0 device now, and mount it as a filesystem of type
> union over / so all directories appear writable? If I do this, is there
> some way to save these written files (preferably into a single compressed
> file on a floppy or USB memory stick) and restore them on the next boot?
> Please help me, I'm really stuck here.
> Daniela
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