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On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:31, Alex de Kruijff wrote:

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 01:53:20PM +1300, Tom Munro Glass wrote:

On an intranet file server, the users' private files are obviously stored
in /usr/home/username but where is the correct place to store files that
are common to many users? Would this be something like /usr/home/public
or /usr/local/public or even /var/public?


There is no default. You can choice your own directory. Placing this in
the /usr slice or on a second disk seems reasable. /var wouldn't be

I guessed there isn't a default, but I thought there might be a convention for this and I want to follow conventions where ever possible.

Tom Munro Glass

Depends on what philosophy you subscribe to- if it's on a local system only, then create a group for members that will need access to it, and create a directory in the /home tree, like /home/'project_foo

If it's going to be NFS mounted by other systems, then create an /export directory and put it similarly in there, which has the convenience as you change your filesystems (and you will...) and perhaps share more directories, or add more disk, you can keep them 'centrally' located (or mounted) under a single top level directory.. Unless your /var filesystem is _huge_ (or on the same filesystem as /, ick!), I wouldn't put anything to be shared in the /var tree...(as already mentioned). Likewise, /usr is meant to be capable of being mounted read-only, and contains (generally) static binaries and libraries required for full multi-user (read this as networked) mode operation of the system, so I'd abstain from using /usr either.


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