Hi, I have a Windows XP computer connecting to a FreeBSD 4.8 Stable box running PPPoE 
Daemon. The connection, disconnection works perfectly - however if I yank out the 
cable of 'live' PPPoE connection (or terminate it via a windows crash) on the Windows 
XP PC, the tunnel interface fails to be placed in a 'down' state on the PPPoE FreeBSD 
box. This results in a debug error informing me that:

Error: ipcp_InterfaceUp: unable to set ip address

repeatadly. Only a reboot seems to resolve the issue. I assume this message is 
referring to the fact it thinks the IP address is in use and bound to a tunnel 
currently in an 'UP' state. Does PPP not maintain a link state? Is this a bug? Or is 
their a way around the problem so that when a user terminates, the tunnel is brought 
down gracefully at the FreeBSD end, freeing the IP address?

My ppp.conf is:

    set log Chat Command Phase
    enable chap   
    allow mode direct
    enable proxy   
    disable ipv6cp
    set mru 1472
    set mtu 1472
    set ifaddr
    accept dns

Many Thanks


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