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> Hello.  I would like to learn to use FreeBSD.  I would also like to have
> the ability to choose between either Win XP Pro and FreeBSD upon starting
> up my system.  I do have 2 40GB hard drives, plus Partition Magic if I
> need.  My plan at the moment is to simply have Win XP Pro on one hdd, and
> FBSD on the other.
> Ok what I would like to know is this:  should I install FreeBSD first?  Or
> Win XP first?  I am thinking I better not install FreeBSD first because I
> doubt that WinXP's setup would recognize FreeBSD as a 2nd. O.S. on my
> system when installing (thereby not providing the ability to choose an O.S.
> on startup).
> Any suggestions?  My hardware should all be compatible to use FreeBSD.

Yeah, install XP first and then stick BSD on there. The boot manager from BSD, 
although not very elegant, will let you choose XP or BSD on startup. You can 
setup XP's to boot another OS as well, but it's more difficult.

One OS per drive should work fine as well. Have fun.

Henrik Hudson

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