On Tuesday, 11 November 2003 at 17:14:27 -0000, Chris Howells wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just bought 2 x 160GB drives which I want to RAID 1 with vinum. I
> used /stand/sysinstall to fdisk and disklabel them, mounted them as /temp1
> and /temp2 and checked the size of them using 'df' to stick into my
> vinum.conf file.
> I'm a bit confused though; the output of df does not include the 8% or
> whatever of the slice that is reserved for root by default.

It looks like it to me.

> Therefore I was wondering if I should turn the reserved space down
> to 0%, check the space using df, and use that in my vinum.conf. The
> reasoning is that when I run 'newfs /dev/vinum/sauron1', more drive
> space will be reserved, so I'll have two lots of reserved space on
> each drive which seems wrong.

You're confusing Vinum and UFS.  Vinum is a virtual disk.  UFS is a
file system.  It's UFS which reserves 8% or so of the file system (not
of the slice, which is a term which relates neither to UFS nor to
Vinum).  If you reserve space on the disk and don't give it to Vinum,
Vinum doesn't use it.  Period.

> Currently df -h output looks like this, which isn't too impressive for
> 160GB drives:
> /dev/vinum/sauron1   131G   1.0K   120G     0%    /vinum
> vinum.conf looks like:
> drive alpha device /dev/ad6s1e
> drive beta device /dev/ad7s1e
> volume sauron1 setupstate
> plex org concat
>         sd length 141537128k drive alpha
> plex org concat
>         sd length 141537128k drive beta

That's because you haven't used all the space.  If the drives are the
same, use 'length 0' for the subdisks and you'll get all the space in
the volume.

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