Hello My name is Ron. I'm a newbie to FreeBSD. I downloaded a copy to my
machine and created a iso. Burned it and installed the system with not much
trouble. The problem is I have a old Gateway  G6-266m with 128mb ram , a
CDrom, & burner and 2 Drives One has XP Pro on it and is switchable by the
bios on which can boot up first.   I installed version 5.1 FreeBSD which
took 3 cd's to be burned, what I cant understand is it never asks for more
than one cd. I never even looked at the other two. cause I can't get my
display to work. I tried xf86Config and other I found in the /usr/X11R6/bin
folder but nothing works right. 

I have a RIVA 128 card in here with 4 mb ram and it always crashes and never
starts. I switched to a generic vga card and it started but it was 640 x 
280 way too big to use and see. I'm stuck. I cant remember the commands and
I'm unable to use midnight commander for which I'm used to when looking thru
directory.I truly want to master this system and become a help to others
when I'm better, but I'm afraid I don't know enough.  I looked for a listing
of commands and all i see is stuff I don't quite understand. I'm trying to
get away from windows completely so I can be a champion for linux/ unix but
I cant even demonstrate what I can do with it with the limited knowledge I
have. I tried the commands I know in linux but this is pure unix which is a
lot better and more secure and a lot harder.   Please help me and I will be
glad to bring other to the fold and teach them someday.

I can be reached at home at 215-324-1605 or by e-mail.   I know you guy's
can get me up to speed but I plan to give back someday. So teach me well and
I can help carry the burden someday.

I have DSL as well and I wanted to connect my FreeBSD to my  other PC thru a
crossover cable to my second NIC ( win2000 machine- has DSL on 1st Nic card)
 can you tell me what I need to do to connect and will this be networked
finally. I have been trying for 2 weeks and I'm at the point I want to give
up cause I'm not able to  ping the w2k box from my bsd box at all. I think
this is enough for now. I'm confident that I'm in the right place for help

                                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                                         Ron Fowler
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