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> Hello My name is Ron. I'm a newbie to FreeBSD. I downloaded a copy to my
> machine and created a iso. Burned it and installed the system with not much

Hmm, you can download iso. There's no need to do them yourself.

> trouble. The problem is I have a old Gateway  G6-266m with 128mb ram , a
> CDrom, & burner and 2 Drives One has XP Pro on it and is switchable by the
> bios on which can boot up first.   I installed version 5.1 FreeBSD which

This is a bit intricate. You can use a bootloader for that job. FreeBSD has 
one very basic included but I suggest you have a look at

> took 3 cd's to be burned, what I cant understand is it never asks for more
> than one cd. I never even looked at the other two. cause I can't get my

That's correct. You can have a complete BSD OS without X on a 250MB CD iso

> display to work. I tried xf86Config and other I found in the /usr/X11R6/bin
> folder but nothing works right.
> I have a RIVA 128 card in here with 4 mb ram and it always crashes and
> never starts. I switched to a generic vga card and it started but it was
> 640 x 280 way too big to use and see. I'm stuck. I cant remember the
> commands and I'm unable to use midnight commander for which I'm used to
> when looking thru directory.I truly want to master this system and become a
> help to others when I'm better, but I'm afraid I don't know enough.  I

Try the nvidia drivers. Just cd into /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver and type 
"make install". You need to have the ports tree installed. For more info see:

For tuning your resolution the relevant lines from XF86Config are:
Section "Screen"
        Identifier "YourScreen"
        Device     "Your nvidia card"
        Monitor    "YourMonitor"
        DefaultDepth     24
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     16
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     24
                Modes    "1280x1024 1024x768 800x600"

The order of the resolutions listed is determinig the resolution which X 
starts with. See http://www.xfree86.org/4.3.0/ for details

> looked for a listing of commands and all i see is stuff I don't quite
> understand. I'm trying to get away from windows completely so I can be a
> champion for linux/ unix but I cant even demonstrate what I can do with it
> with the limited knowledge I have. I tried the commands I know in linux but
> this is pure unix which is a lot better and more secure and a lot harder.  

It isn't harder. It's a complete operating system, not just a kernel with 
assorted ingredients arround.

> Please help me and I will be glad to bring other to the fold and teach them
> someday.
> I can be reached at home at 215-324-1605 or by e-mail.   I know you guy's
> can get me up to speed but I plan to give back someday. So teach me well
> and I can help carry the burden someday.
> I have DSL as well and I wanted to connect my FreeBSD to my  other PC thru
> a crossover cable to my second NIC ( win2000 machine- has DSL on 1st Nic
> card) can you tell me what I need to do to connect and will this be
> networked finally. I have been trying for 2 weeks and I'm at the point I
> want to give up cause I'm not able to  ping the w2k box from my bsd box at
> all. I think this is enough for now. I'm confident that I'm in the right
> place for help now.

Well, thats not enough info to help you. Basically you need two interfaces on 
the FreeBSD box, depending on your DSL hardware you need either mpd (or any 
other way you like to handle ppp (pppoE or pptp, depending on your DSL-line)) 
and on the second card a private IP with a correct subnetmask, lets say The "/24" means 24bits of the address are network bits and 
the rest 8 bits are host bits wich is a network mask of!
Now you have to assign your XP box a address from the same subnet named The .1 is occupied by your FreeBSD box, .255 is for 
broadcasts reserved so you can choose between 2 and 254. Lets take 2.
Sou you assign you XP bos the address and the netmask
If you connected your network cards correctly (x-cable or hub or switch) you 
can now ping the from the XP box and the from the 
FreeBSD box.
You can edit your file /etc/hosts and enter a name for (e.g. 
xpbox) so you can ping xpbox.
For details see: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/

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