Steve Blair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     I'm having difficulty locating a download site
> where I can get a python interpreter. I am running
> 4.7-RELEASE and both /stand/sysinstall and browing
> mirror sites using a web browser turn up nothing.
> Can you either mail me the python package or point
> me to a site where I get retrieve it? I've tried
> setting my release to "any" but that has not
> fixed or changed the problem.

4.7 isn't being kept around on the mirrors any more (for space
reasons), so finding the original packages will be kind of tricky, as
you have been finding.  It's possible that newer packages would work
for you, but by no means guaranteed.  

Your best bet is probably to go through the ports system, which I
believe is still maintaining compatibility with 4.7.
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