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> > 
> > The 10.X.X.X subnet will never need to use any of
> the
> > services of the 193.X.X.X subnet or the 193.R.R.R
> > router. It will always access internet via its own
> > 10.R.R.R router, which only routes packets towards
> the
> > internet and never towards the 193.X.X.X subnet.
> Thus,
> > what's the need to do any of the above? 
> > 
> Well a packet originating on the 193.x.x.x network
> will have a return
> address on the 193.x.x.x network even after its been
> routed via the freebsd
> box, (unless you nat, which if your adsl router is a
> rubbish as mine was you
> may have to as i couldnt add static routes to mine,
> but thats another
> issue.) and so the 10.R.R.R router wont know where
> to forward to if it has
> no route to 10.x.x.x (or at least the sending host
> on that network.)

Currently, I have solved all my problems, (it seems
so) without adding any routes to the 10.R.R.R router.
I have just added the 193.x.x.x interface to it and I
gave it an address in that interface. This seems to be
sufficient enough!

What I have learned from this problems is that a
router  can only route packets that are coming from
interfaces that it knows. Thus it either has to be a
member of the  source subnet or we have to
appropriately translate the addresses via NAT. Am I

Although I have not followed your advice I am very
grateful to you, because you helped me think towards
the right direction. I will also keep in mind what you
have said in case I face problems in the future...

Thanks a lot
Jim Xochellis

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