Hmm... interesting. I've done everything described in man/handbook. The drives
shows up (correctly) in dmesg and with camcontrol. So *why* will cdbakeoven
not detect the drives?

> > Could anyone point me to some documentation for cdbakeoven, or help me
> > get started?
I did find *some* documentation.
In cdbakeoven, Help, About, click the link, browse the FAQ (very minimal)
and documentation.
Hope this helps!

Only as much as I now know it *ought* to work... I just don't know why it doesn't...

I have never been able to get anything but burncd working either.
None of the graphical cd burning programs work for me.

You may want to look at kburncd:

which came very close to working, but looks like it has not been
active since that first release. You may be able to tweak it
a bit and get it to go.

For my needs, burncd works just fine, but try telling that to someone
who has never used a commandline before...

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