"Verghese George" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> First of all the login screen for X windows still does not allow me to
> get into the system. When I type my login name and password ,  the
> screen goes blank and the login screen reappears after some time.

Sounds like you need to debug your .xsession file.

>                                                                   If I
> type C-A-F1, I can get into the command line mode. When I type startx on
> command line, it fails. 

Well, sure; you're still running another X session on display 0, so
you can't start another one without giving it a different display to

> When remove /tmp/X0.lock and retry with startx, I can get into kde ( I
> enabled KDE from the /stand/sysinstall mode. )

Okay, that would get around the other session's lock.

> Is it not possible to get directly into X window screen or kde when
> typing startx?

Sure it is.  As long as you're not already running X.

> How can  I log  in from the login screen into X windows or kde?

Best guess is that you just need to fix your .xsession file.
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