on FreeBSD 5.1, I installed Firebird 0.7 from the ports. However, I
cannot start it from an xterm. If I enter

    $ firebird


    $ MozillaFirebird

the system pauses for about a second, then returns to the prompt.
ps(1) doesn't show a running firebird, and

    $ echo $?

yields 1.

Surprisingly, when I invoke Firebird via urlview from mutt, it starts
fine! For urlview, I supplied a modified url_handler.sh, but only the
line for the HTTP clients is changed to

    http_prgs="/usr/X11R6/bin/firebird:XW /usr/local/bin/elinks:XT 
/usr/local/bin/netscape:XW /usr/local/bin/lynx:XT /usr/local/bin/w3m:XT 

(without the indent :-) ).

I didn't have these problems with Firebird 0.6. With 0.7, I currently
only have the workaround to start Firebird via an http URL in mutt.

After having examined a bit more what urlview does, I noticed that I
can start Firebird by passing an URL:

    $ firebird http://google.com &

So at least I have an acceptable workaround for now. Nonetheless,
Firebird's behaviour seems strange. I didn't find anything on the
topic with Google and not in
http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr-summary.cgi or
Should I issue a bug report?

(I'm not subscribed to the list; if you reply, please cc me. Thanks!)


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