> As a PHP noivce I have a more general question. I want to offer PHP to
> virtual hosting  customers. Is there a  place to find a  discussion of
> the pros and cons of the  CGI binary and mod-php. I had concluded from
> reading  that  the  CGI  binary  and suExec  was  the  best  for  that
> environment.

It  is indeed.   But suExec  has to  be patched[1]  to allow  php to  be
executed by any user running it, as  plain suExec requires the cgi to be
owned by the user  running it.  If you don't patch it,  you will need to
copy the cgi in every user's directory.

I have a full description of that system if you need it.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

[1] http://www.localhost.nl/patches/

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