On Friday 14 November 2003 22:19, Kenzo wrote:
> I'm looking at installing an FTP server at work.
> I was thinking of using FreeBSD4.9 and PureFTP.
> I guest I want to know what others have in mind and the experience with
> PureFTP (good or bad).
> I nice feathure would be able to create users and give them a time
> experation.
> so I would create a user, set it to expire tomorow, and send the userID and
> password to the person.
> The account would expire at midnight and be invalid.
> Is this possible with PureFTP or any open source ftp server?

AFAIK the FTP server software is not responsible for account expiration.
I'd do it with this command:

# at midnight
rmuser -y <username>


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