What's the proper way to setup a network w/ freebsd as
the router and network windows machines to it? I got a
network setup working, but I'm not sure whether I went
about it correctly.

I have two 3com nics in the router (xl0 and xl1), xl0
is connected directly to the cable modem w/ a CAT5
cable, xl1 is connected is connected to a port of the
hub w/ a crossover cable. Then I just connect the
remaining windows machines into the hub and set the
local private addresses in windows and put the freebsd
router as the gateway. On the freebsd machine I run
natd -n xl0 and ifconfig_xl0="DHCP". The media type
for xl0 is set to 100BaseTX <full-duplex> and
10BaseT/UTP <full-duplex> for xl1, 100BaseTX
<full-duplex> for xl1 sets the status for that
interface to "no carrier". I can't get the network
running at 100mbps for some reason. I also have some
weak rules for ipfw as suggested in the natd manual

Another thing is that when I ran a speed test from a
machine that was directly connected to the cable
modem, the speeds reported were 5 times faster then
when I run a speed test from a windows machine. Any
reason for that reported speed decrease? Any
suggestions on network setup or on how to get greater
performance? Thanks. 

Also, I'm not subscribed to the list, please make sure
to direct replies to my email as well.

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