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40 gigs. Would it be easier to install FreeBSD on the unformatted partition
or the new hard drive for the purpose of dual booting with xp? Also, does
anyone know how to set up a dual boot system or know of a good guide to doing

I have one system which uses XOSL with separate disks (SCSI) for FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT and XP, and another using the standard FBSD boot manager where the primary disk is all XP and FreeBSD uses the first partition of the secondary drive.

Both work fine.

Actually, your FreeBSD install can use both the new drive and the free space on the original drive, but if you'd rather have 40GB to use on something else, that's fine.

If you install FreeBSD (or at least the root partition) on the new drive and you use FreeBSD's bootloader, be sure to install the bootloader on *both* drives.

There are instructions regarding how to dual boot using the Windows bootloader in the FAQ at the FreeBSD web site. I have always found the instructions for doing this with both OSs on one drive easier to understand than the instructions for two drives, but your experience may be different.

Other available free bootloaders include the abovementioned XOSL, Grub from the FreeBSD ports system, and the one I'm using now (after having tried all the above except XOSL), GAG, which is very easy and automagic.

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