At 09:22 AM 11/16/2003, Malcolm Kay wrote:

Probably not what you want; but assuming the machine you are ssh'ing from
is FreeBSD or Linux or something else with virtual terminals

My workstation is windoz xp.

It is also possible to funnel other ssh sessions or other types such as telnet
through the original ssh session but this can get rather complex and probably
gains nothing over separate ssh connections.

Like using the screen command for more than one other session gets rather complex, not to mention tedious.

In other words I'm not quite sure how you do it!

The alt-fk swapping of virtual consoles is just what I'm looking for, only with the convenience of one physical location. Hmm, I do use WinVNC to operate the desktop of 3 other windoz machines from the convenience of my own workstation; albeit maybe this is (sort of) no different than using SSH.

Truth be told Malcolm I installed my fbsd box one week ago and am thrilled to have as much working as I do. With Perl, Apache, PostgreSQL and Lynx along with the ability to SSH and FTP in I can pretty much get to work moving my local web development environment from my workstation to my fbsd box. Once I get Samba working I can do so conveniently. It's not the way I would've said a week ago I was going to spend my time but it is time well spent I think.

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