> >>Can anyone tell the name of the package that contain
> >>the C, something simillar to Borland C++ in windows...
> You can use the newer version of gedit.  It supports a highlight mode 
> for several languages like C, html, java, etc...  It basicly makes gedit 
> work like you are in an ide by coloring variables, making key words 
> bold, making commits italic and a different color and so on.

Yes, gedit is not bad at all!

My favorite is still emacs. It features syntax-highlighting and
auto-indenting for a _lot_ of programming languages. This comes
for free, even if you don't like to configure your ~/.emacs
file extensively.

A slightly more advanced user will know how to configure
emacs to behave just like a (text-based) IDE, which
means that you can compile (with cc) from within emacs, and
have the compiler error messages drive the cursor to the right
place in the source file, etc, etc...

The reason I like emacs so much, is that you can (also) use it
in a text console, but it still provides the ability to edit
multiple source files simultaneously in internal buffers;
something that is _really_ useful in multi-file projects.

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