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> Thanks for shedding some light into this topic.

You bet.

> -Z, --decompress
>  Decompress the input data before searching.  This option is only
>  available if compiled with zlib(3) library

> We could have said exactly the same you said about my suggestion... don't
> add it.. people should learn how to use find, decompres, grep, YET this option WAS 
> implemented.

That's a valid point.  I think I'd counter by saying that adding that
particular functionality was as simple as linking in a standard library and
adding a couple of function calls, and had no affect whatsoever on
regressive behavior.  You could probably make the same pro and con arguments
regarding programs that link to GNU's readline library; it adds
functionality without increasing complexity, and has no effect on
backward-compatible operation.
Kirk Strauser

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