Rafi Lurman wrote:

Hi, I currently have FBSD 4.9 on a Celeron 950MHZ system. I plan to
replace both the motherboard and CPU on it to a 1.2GHZ AMD ATHLON. Will
I run into any problems if I did this? It's the same architecture. Would
I have to compile all my ports again under the new Athlon?

I've run FreeBSD 4.x for over two years now, and whenever a box has failed, I've been able to just grab the HDD (assuming, of course, that it was some other part that failed) and stick it in another box with only minimal problems (usually it's refconfigging /etc/rc.conf to deal with a different NIC....) regardless of what other hardware was there. Now, mind you, these are usually boxes that serve http, smtp, dns, etc., and not a complete working desktop with high-bit video, audio, USB, etc.

I can't imagine that you'll have much trouble moving, as long as
you check the HCL (hardware compatibility list) at freebsd.org
first.  Of course, that may depend on how many small irksome details
constitute "much trouble" .... :D

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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