> I am trying to build a new kernel on 4.9.release. I cvsup'ed the latest
> ports and soureces right before I tried the kernel build.  I followed the
> handbook, and when I typed /usr/sbin/config FIREWALL (name of kernel config),  I 
> received the
> following message:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] conf]# /usr/sbin/config FIREWALL
> ../../conf/files: coda/coda_fbsd.c must be optional, mandatory or standard
> Your version of config(8) is out of sync with your kernel source.
> What does this mean?  Do I need to upgrade config(8), how do you do that?

By the documented upgrade procedure.  You're following the kernel
build procedure, but it only applies if the installed system is the
same version as the sources from which you're trying to build a new

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