I've set up a machine with two BSD-slices: One that holds the
BSD-installation and a separate slice holding /usr/home. (The reason
behind this is, that I want to keep the data on a separate partition
(i.e. harddisk partition), so when I re-install BSD user-data should
remain relatively save)

After installing FreeBSD 4.9 I get a boot prompt showing *two*
BSD-installations, reachable with "F1" and "F2" respectively. When
pressing F1 FreeBSD boots normally. When pressing F2 I end up with an
error message. To my understanding this is because the boot manager
assumes there's a different FreeBSD installation sitting on the second

Sure enough I only want the the first BSD-slice to appear on the boot

So my questions are, 

o) where (which file) can I change the boot prompt i.e. prompt "F1"
pointing to the first BSD-slice and "F2" pointing to the second.

o) is there a way to change the messages that appear on the boot
prompt (e.g. instead of "FreeBSD F1" it should display "Beastie F1")

(I've already done a "grep" over the files in /boot, but couldn't find
anything that pointed me in the right direction)

Thanks much in advance for any clue,

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