> Hi,
> I've set up a machine with two BSD-slices: One that holds the
> BSD-installation and a separate slice holding /usr/home. (The reason
> behind this is, that I want to keep the data on a separate partition
> (i.e. harddisk partition), so when I re-install BSD user-data should
> remain relatively save)

You didn't need to do that.  You could use just one slice and divide
that in to partitions.   Remember that it is Microsloth that calls slices
partitions.   Suggestion, 1 FreeBSD slice divided in to:
         a = root
         b = swap
         c = comment  identifies the whole slice.
         e = /tmp
         f = /usr
         g = /var
         h = /home        where you make those users live

> After installing FreeBSD 4.9 I get a boot prompt showing *two*
> BSD-installations, reachable with "F1" and "F2" respectively. When
> pressing F1 FreeBSD boots normally. When pressing F2 I end up with an
> error message. To my understanding this is because the boot manager
> assumes there's a different FreeBSD installation sitting on the second
> slice.
> Sure enough I only want the the first BSD-slice to appear on the boot
> prompt. 

You just want to nuke the boot record on the second slice and make it
non bootable and then it should not show up as a boot option.  You 
should be able to do this in sysintall and I know you can do it with fdisk.

> So my questions are, 
> o) where (which file) can I change the boot prompt i.e. prompt "F1"
> pointing to the first BSD-slice and "F2" pointing to the second.
> o) is there a way to change the messages that appear on the boot
> prompt (e.g. instead of "FreeBSD F1" it should display "Beastie F1")

This stuff is compiled in and in the plain vanilla MBR that comes with
FreeBSD there are no options to change it.  You would have to tinker
in source and then build your own.   There are some other MBRs out
there that allow more options.   I've not had a need for them, but I
am sure someone will post some names.


> (I've already done a "grep" over the files in /boot, but couldn't find
> anything that pointed me in the right direction)
> Thanks much in advance for any clue,
> -ewald
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