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> I'm brand new to FreeBSD (but I've worked with Unix and Linux a little). I'm
> trying to install FreeBSD, but I constantly get this Fatal Trap 12: page
> fault while in kernel mode error. I don't know where to begin to try and
> solve this so I can proceed with my install. Suggestions??? Thank you.
> My computer is a Dell 600SC Poweredge Server, Promise Ultra disk controller,
> Primary HD: WD 160 GB, Secondary HD Hitachi 40Gb, 512 Mb RAM.

That's fairly often a sign of hardware problems.  Does the system run
correctly under other OSes?  Can you run a few cycles of memtest86
(http://www.memtest86.com/) without any errors coming up?

There is also:


and the audit trail in:


Looks like several people are having similar problems...

You don't say which version of FreeBSD you're trying to install.  If
you're a beginner with FreeBSD, then I'd strongly advise you to start
by installing 4.9-RELEASE -- remember that the 5.x versions are still 
"New Technology" releases and not yet suitable for production use.



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