Hi all,
System = 4.7
all Intel
I have a filesystem mount error
/dev/ad0s1e i.e. /var
is dirty.
1)the first I noticed trouble was a system freeze.
Untold screen logged errors..
no more mbufs OR out of mbufs
2)I rebooted and it dropped into single user mode ) I
Think) asking me to run fsck manually
3) I did #fsck
4) It said all ok except /dev/ad0s1e
Errors were ... 
Unknown file type I=4609
Unexpected soft update inconsistency
**** HELP? do i say y or n? Impact is?? ***
I said no and then...
50983 DUP I=4610 Unexpected soft update inconsistency
54019 DUP I=4610 Unexpected soft update inconsistency
etc etcetc...
**** HELP!****
Is this fatal (please say no) How do I continue best?

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