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> Magic!   I never  bothered to  check if  putting the  command *before*
> "wmaker" in ~/.xinitrc would make a difference.  Thnx.

The WindowMaker process typically  *replaces* the shell interpreting the
.xinitrc script, you  can notice that by the "exec"  keyword in front of
it.  Thus everything after the exec statement will be ignored.

By the  way, there  is another  solution to disable  the beep,  which is
independant of X11, works also in the console:

$ echo set bell-style visible >> ~/.inputrc

When  bash starts,  the readline  library reads  ~/.inputrc.  For  csh I
don't know...

And there is a global setting for disabling the system bell in the Gnome
Sound Desktop Preferences if you are  using Gnome.  In Gnome Terminal as
well in the profile edition dialog.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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