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>         Hi list,  I have configured a  server to act as  a WWW server,
> but I have many users that have their own web page and they can access
> to their sub-dirs via FTP, now when  they want to upload the files via
> HTTP (usin PHP) the system denied the write, I mean:

Assuming you want to use PHP:

You have to setup Apache with suExec so that PHP runs as the user owning
the directory.  Each user directory should  be owned by a different user
id.  This  is because Apache  (and PHP) runs as  user www, so  it cannot
modify files.

Note that using this  approach requires PHP to be run  as a CGI program.
However, suExec requires  that the CGI be owned by  the user running it,
so either you  copy php to every  user dir in the  cgi-bin directory, or
you apply patches available at [1].

The setup is a bit difficult but worth the effort.

If  you want  to  use the  HTTP  PUT method,  you  may consider  running
mod_dav, but then an authentication must be setup and all files owned by
the user running Apache (www).

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

[1] http://localhost.nl/

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