At 10:46 PM 11/17/2003, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
On Friday, 14 November 2003 at 11:50:09 -0500, Bob Collins wrote:
> Running FBSD 4.9 on an Intel SMP mobo w/ 2 Intel PII 350s. Onboard SCSI is
> recognized and sees all my drives. One SCSI 3 drive is 4.5G for the OS and
> /usr. I have 4 identical IBM SCSI3 disks 9G each, however one of those 4
> will not disklabel. The other three will. This leads to troubles then,
> obviously, to setting the 4 drives for vinum use. Was using these 4 drives
> on 5.0-RELEASE with vinum previously no troubles....downgraded for some
> backup software (bacula) compatibility reasons.
> In dmesg, da1, da2, da3, da4 all show as identical drives, model number,
> capacity, etc. I have not removed the drive to see if there is a special
> jumper to protect such things, I shall do this later today.
> When I try to `disklabel -e da4', I get the info open, I can change
> whatever I like, then when I save the file it complains; that the device
> does not support this feature. The other 3 drives all did `disklabel -e
> dax' with no trouble.

Do you have device nodes for da4? Has it been labelled at all?


I did not have `all' the nodes for da4 in /dev. So, I ran #sh MAKEDEV da4 in the /dev directory. After that, there were what appeared to be all the device nodes for da4.

I was able to label the drive and use it with vinum under 5.0-RELEASE FWIW.
Under 4.9-RELEASE (which is what I now run) it will not label through /stand/sysinstall.

I can now newfs the drive and mount it and copy files to and fro, however I cannot use it with vinum. I did umount the drive and then disklabel -e da4 and changed the e: to h: and the filesystem type to vinum. It was da4s1e.

When I create the vinum configuration, I either get that drive d (da4s1h) is referenced and in the down state while the other three drives are up, or the other three drives a b c are referenced and in the down state while drive d is up.

Thank you.

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