Hello dear all.

I've got a curious thing with FBS 5.1-RELEASE, concerning arp requests/reply. I have a LAN, connected to Internet through CISCO router. Recently I had to move one ip address inside my LAN from a 4.8 box to a 5.1 box without a reboot (ifconfig ...). After this I had discovered that CISCO continue sending packets to old MAC address (to 4.8). After an investigation of the problem I discovered, thet CISCO had not "forgotten" the old MAC. If ip is being moved from 4.8 box to 4.8 box this effect fanishes.
Did anyone get similar problems? Is it a feature or a bug in 5.1, or I don't understand something?

Great thanks in advance for any support.

                                With respect and kind regards,
                                Ilya V. Serov, St-Petersburg, Russia.

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