So it will not just grab the latest patched binaries for 5.1? I am not sure I understand. Is it just for updating between releases and not for keeping the current release up to date?


Lowell Gilbert wrote:

"Kevin McKay" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have read through the documentation but have not been able to find
a definite answer. I am running a pretty core install of 5.1 minimal
+ bind9, postfix, apache, ssh, no ports collection. Here is my
question. When I run the binary update from sysinstall will that
take care of the earlier ssh vulnerability and update apache postfix
and bind to the most current version?

You normally need to run the sysinstall from the version you're
updating to. You could configure your system's sysinstall to load in
the later version, and it should be compatible, but I don't know the
syntax for that offhand...

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