Hi all, thanks to all replying.
I just spent many hours finding out my bakup strategy
was useless (didn't know what I was doing I guess)
Now I need to do it properly.
Ruben (and others)
Can I do the tarring of filesystems in a cron job
without being in single user mode?
I just followed a mostgraveconcern tute to move to a
larger drive and it worked well.
Lots of tarring etc BUT...all done in single user
mode. I imagine I cant do THAT and reboot etc etc in a
cron job.
I am going to try Ruben's idea and allay concerns by
having a removable 2nd harddrive so I can do this >
once to take a drive off site
So comments?
Is dump easier (for a dill like me) to use or
What say you 

--- Ruben de Groot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > On Wed,
Nov 19, 2003 at 09:43:30AM -0500, Lowell
> Gilbert typed:
> > Keith Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [...]
> > > a) Throw another drive in the box
> > > b) Createthe same or at least minimum size
> partitions
> > > as the active drive
> > > c) Cron job to "dump" or tar or ??? the
> partitions
> > 
> > dd(1) is the easiest way to make sure that the
> disk will work just
> > like the other one.  It requires a
> same-size-or-larger second disk.
> I consider dd a very lousy backup method. Any writes
> to the first disk 
> while dd is running will likely result in corrupted
> filesystems on the
> second disk. Performance is bad as well, since dd
> will copy every single 
> bit, not just actual data.
> A better approach would be to follow a) and b)
> above, newfs(8) the
> partitions, make the second drive bootable using
> boot0cfg(8) and then 
> periodically use dump/restore, tar, pax, cpio or
> even rsync to backup
> your first to second disk (I've used them all and
> can't really 
> recommend one over the other so suit yourself).
> Ruben

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