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> To whom it may concern,
> We own a FreeBSD (version 4.4, Apache) dedicated server with 40GB capacity. We
> want to know which is the appropriate software for media server for it. We'd
> like to streaming audio & video so we need a media server for FreeBSD
> platform.

Well if you just want to stream A/V to stuff on a LAN, then what I would do is
just throw samba and NFS on that box, make them read only, and point them at the
archive. This would allow ppl on the lan to fetch any of it at will.

If you want to stream audio to some where check the ports....

A few that may be worth checking out are icecat, icecast2, holyshout, shout,
darkice, or xmms-liveice.

Not really sure of any thing for video...
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