Hi all,
        I have a server that I am restoring and it seems to be going really
slow.  Backup performance...I was able to backup the server in under 15
minutes....the restore has been going for over an hour now....and it isn't
even halfway done.

        Basically what I am doing....Installed FreeBSD on a second slice of
the disk...booted with that slice...relabelled the disk...newfs'd the
filesystems...mounted them all under /mnt .../mnt/usr.../mnt/var etc....that
is all OK and confirmed.  I am renaming all of the files from / to /mnt/ in
order to make sure I do not clobber any OS files.  Last night the restore
crapped out partway though and the box had to be rebooted this morning.  CPU
utilization of both the backup server and the restore client is minimal.

FreeBSD Server hardware = Compaq DL360 G1, Dual CPU (933Mhz), 1GB RAM.
Note..currently only one CPU is configured in the kernel.
FreeBSD - Recovery slice = 4.8
FreeBSD - Slice to be restored = 4.9
NetBackup 4.5FP5

Solaris 8 NetBackup server.

Can't really give any error messages as there were none in any of the log
files...it just seemed that backups stopped and about 30 minutes later it
started listing all of the files it could not restore....In the activity
monitor the job showed incomplete.  

I am trying to duplicate the situation from last night now.

When I did this on a test machine (IBM PC)...it worked fine. 


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