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I'm not an expert, and don't play one on TV.

fbsd_user wrote:

During the install you are asked for the host name which adds the
following line to rc.conf.

What does FBSD use this for?

DNS? Same stuff as any other system, with the possible exception of that stuff from Redmond.

Since 'Nix is/has always been very network
oriented, this is its primary means of human
readable identification.  Or something like that ;)

Did I use the correct format for the host name?

Yes, more or less. Since homepc.com seems to actually exist, this could either be a good or bad choice, depending on whether or not you own 'homepc.com'. If the machine is on a private network and will do all it's connecting via another box, it could probably get away with 'foo.bar.baz' if you set up your DNS correctly.

What are the rules for creating the hostname name?

See /etc/hosts. paraphrase ---"If you're directly connected to the internet, you can't just make it up...."

Are the rules published anywhere?

I'd check RFC's if I was *real* concerned.

The good news?  If something about your
selected hostname is causing problems,
all you have to do (as root)

$hostname my.new.name


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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