On Thursday 20 November 2003 01:56 pm, Barry Skidmore wrote:
> I have both Gnome and KDE installed on my 4.9-RELEASE system, and would
> like to be able to choose between them at X startup.
> I found a port called 'wmanager' that sounds like it will do what I
> need.  However, there is no man page or other documentation available on
> the web, so I have not been able to configure the '.wmmanagerrc' file.
> I have also been unable to find the 'wmanagerrc-update' program which is
> supposed to do this for you.  The author's web page no longer exists.
> Has anyone else used either this program or something similar?


Several replacements for the default XDM program exist. One of them, KDM 
(bundled with KDE) is described later in this chapter. KDM offers many visual 
improvements and cosmetic frills, as well as the functionality to allow users 
to choose their window manager of choice at login time.


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