> I want to know what the FBSD operating
> system does with it.

FBSD uses the name for network related functions, such as using it in mail
related functions when communicating with foreign mail servers, offering
the name to services your computer offers, and listening on certain
network sockets for connections based on that name.

> More explicatively during the install of FBSD
> when asked to fill in the hostname prompt, what informative
> information should be given to the user so they can enter the
> correct stuff.

The correct 'stuff' would first and foremost: be the FQDN of the box, if
it has one, thereafter, it would be whatever name designation you give it
to comply with the other computers on the network. For instance, my domain
is northnetworks.ca, and my IBM thinkpad (which I am typing this on) is
named ptp. This designation has no correspoinding DNS entry in my DNS for
my domain because it is mobile and never is in one spot or on one single
network, but when I send myself an email from this box to my real email
account, I will be reminded that it came from

Many services rely on the hostname, regardless of what it is. I notice
when I need a gui app, I #startx, and it tells me that the display name
relates to my pc name. Beyond this, I don't know what else to tell you,
perhaps someone else on the list will have a more detailed analysis on
what the name is used for.

> Reading the /etc/hosts file provides no useful info.
> Is there any place in FBSD that explains how to fill in the install
> hostname prompt during the install?

Considering as far as Free is concerned, there is no right answer. The
filling of these fields resides within the information that your computer
or network admin has given you.

> Something like
> FBSD uses this hostname internally to name the PC running this FBSD
> operating system. It has to be us this format of an fully qualified
> domain name in the format of  thisPCname.fakeDOMAINname.tld
> Where thisPCname came be any name you want to identify this
> particular pc on your LAN.
> Where .fakeDOMAINname  can be any name you want as long as it's not
> an registered domain on the public internet unless it's registered
> to you. Using FBSDyourlastname is an safe domain name to use here.
> Were .tld can be any of the standard TLD's currently in use. Such as
> .com or .usa or .info or .cc

I think this answer has already been provided.

Perhaps you may consider contributing your definition above to the
documentation team for inclusion if you wish to see it in future releases

ps. The tld does NOT have to be a standard tld if used on a private net.


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> Subject: Re: need info on hostname
> Quid pro quo:
> I'm not an expert, and don't play one on TV.
> fbsd_user wrote:
> >During the install you are asked for the host name which adds the
> >following line to rc.conf.
> >hostname="gateway.homepc.com"
> >
> >What does FBSD use this for?
> >
> >
> DNS?  Same stuff as any other system, with the
> possible exception of that stuff from Redmond.
> Since 'Nix is/has always been very network
> oriented, this is its primary means of human
> readable identification.  Or something like that ;)
> >Did I use the correct format for the host name?
> >
> >
> Yes, more or less.  Since homepc.com seems
> to actually exist, this could either be a good
> or bad choice, depending on whether or
> not you own 'homepc.com'.  If the machine is
> on a private network and will do all it's connecting
> via another box, it could probably get away with
> 'foo.bar.baz' if you set up your DNS correctly.
> >What are the rules for creating the hostname name?
> >
> >
> See /etc/hosts.  paraphrase ---"If you're directly
> connected to the internet, you can't just make it up...."
> >Are the rules published anywhere?
> >
> >
> >
> I'd check RFC's if I was *real* concerned.
> The good news?  If something about your
> selected hostname is causing problems,
> all you have to do (as root)
> $hostname my.new.name
> HTH,
> Kevin Kinsey
> DaleCo, S.P.
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