At 08:17 PM 11/20/2003, paul van den bergen wrote:

to expand on this, there is a potential many to many relationship here between
host names and IP addresses (strickly speaking that is what dns etc sees?)

how dose BSD define this? how does one define this using BSD?

Hey, sounds like you understand things so well you see the void in the forest. As a newbie I'm still just trying to keep my head from twisting off at long enough intervals to define some of the questions. Like, given I have 5 boxes - 1 fbsd 4 windoz though maybe that proportion will change in a time :) - and each has their own ip adr and I have two apaches installed does that mean I can setup a max of 5 different domain level websites on my intranet? Or 10? Or infinite (well, this is reality I hope so...)

The daemons are afoot, my ponderings do not affect them.

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