Marty Landman wrote:

At 08:40 PM 11/21/2003, Scott W wrote:

So yep, it's doing what you want, the way you wanted to...use something similar fairly often myself, although note that the 'current' standard for executing commands is now $(cmd), eg

more $(which apachectl)

I get

FreeB more $(which apachectl)
Illegal variable name.

Maybe I should've mentioned I'm on 4.8, or is there another reason?

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D'oh, my mistake- you're using csh I take it? Sorry, I believe the $(cmd) syntax is now 'the standard' in sh/ksh/Bourne/bash, but evidently not csh....sorry, I've never been keen on csh, but that syntax won't work for you, although it will/does even in freeBSD sh.

Sorry for the confusion,


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