I am trying to dual-boot winxp and freebsd 5.1-stable. I installed the went through the prescribed routine.

1.  Installing windows first.
2.  Installing freebsd next.
2.  Copy /boot/boot1 to c:\bootsect.bsd
3.   add the line
     C:\bootsect.bsd="FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE"
      to c:\boot.ini

At this point, the windows bootloader gives me a selection menu. I think it goes 1) for windows 2) for freebsd.
But when I try to boot into bsd, it tells me:

Error: hal.dll is missing or corrupted and won't go any further.

Windows boots just fine. I have tried to reinstall this hal.dll from the rescue disk that came from the manufaturer.
This does nothing. I have tried to download a hal.dll from some dll download site. This just confused all of my drivers.

Help me here. This is getting very time-consuming and I unfortunately can't just get rid of windows.
What the %*$^& am I doing wrong.


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