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At 09:11 PM 11/21/2003, Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. wrote:

Which shell are you using?

C shell. Maybe I should switch to Bash? I mostly ssh in using my user acct and then have at least one screen session where I su to root. However to the extent that I'd like to write shell scripts that are consistent for account that may use different shells, if that even makes sense, than maybe backticks are the way to go.

Just as an aside to this particular thread. I am sure I read somewhere
that it is usually best to write scripts for sh , ie /bin/sh as many of
the others are located in /usr/something which when the file system is
not stable may or may not be accessible. man sh would be your friend
here and quite often shell scripts that are run from cron are written
with this shell in mind.

good luck


This is generally true- if something works in sh, it _should_ also work in virtually any other shell....although in this case, the $(...) seems to be the exception. I know there are some people that refuse to use anything other than csh/tcsh, but when it comes down to writing shell scripts going out to customers, or part of any software, you write for sh.....or if Linux only, for bash.


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