On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 04:03:21PM -0500, Chris Neustrup wrote:
> I've got a Thinkpad T20, running 5.0 early release.  It is a dual boot 
> with Win98 on the other partition.  It seemed pretty strong, but I have 
> some problems:
> 1. The power down sequence seems to hose some part of the bios or 
> whatever.  When I shutdown and then reboot to Win98 it thinks it has 
> been taken down and corrupted, so it wants to come back up in SAFE mode.

5.0 "early release" is ancient, and hundreds of bugs have been fixed
since.  Try 5.1-RELEASE or 5.2-BETA.

> 2. The /dev directory no longer has an xl0 device for the mini-PCI 
> ethernet on the motherboard.  Completely disappeared.  Where did it go?

xl0 does not appear as a device in /dev - you must be thinking of some
other OS.


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