paul van den bergen wrote:


I forgot the most important part of my question... IPv6

how does this all work under IPv6? is the IPv6 domain name allocation as fully fledged as teh IPv4 services? I.e. are there and what are the restrictions on who can set up a name broker service for IPv6? what are the likely gottchas?

Paul- AFAIK, IPv6 is in fact enabled/capable in BIND currently, but no one uses it- IPv6 will be a LONG time in coming to everyone, with the major challenge being a 'transition phase' where devices (routers for a prime example) are able to handle both ipv4 and ipv6...without that, ipv6 is useless outside of 'playing with it locally.'

This shouldn't have any effect on name registrations, they will just eventually map to both ipv4 AND ipv6 addresses..


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