I am trying to get a networked old HP printer to work.  I have the 
following printcap entries for it, using gs filtering:

# Entry for device ljet3 (output to ljet3.raw, I hope)
lp|ljet3|Ghostscript device ljet3:\

# Entry for raw device ljet3.raw
ljet3.raw|Raw output device ljet3:\

The ljet3.raw queue works perfectly!  Of course, I have to send it 
either ascii with CRLFs or PCL, but it does print what I send to it.

However, the lp|ljet3 filter does not send its output on to ljet3.raw.  
I am sure that I am doing something (subtle?) wrong in this entry, 
but I don't know enough to find it.  Can someone either tell me 
what's wrong or (better yet) point me to documentation that explains 
how to do this correctly?



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