I have an external USB Iomega Zip 250 drive that is working properly after I 
configured it using sysinstall.  I have added an entry to fstab that allows 
me to just enter "mount /zip" to mount it.

/dev/da0s1e             /zip            ufs     rw,noauto       0       0

The problem is that I have more than one zip disk that I would like to use.
I have some zip 100's and some zip 250's.

The only disk that has a ufs filesystem on it is the one that was in it when I 
configured it, a zip 100.

What is the proper way in 4.8 to prepare my other disks so that I can insert 
any of them, regardless of the size, and just enter "mount /zip"?

I'm thinking use sysinstall with one of the zip 250's in the drive, configure 
a new slice, and mount it at /zip2...?  Then I would "mount /zip2"

Then maybe I can just insert one of the zip 100's, and manually put a 
filesystem on it like I was installing a new HD...?

Am I close?  Is there a *real* easy way?


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