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I'm looking for a cheap solution to back up a FreeBSD 4.8 machine. Cheap meaning that tape drives are out of question. Even external FireWire drives are deemed a bit too expensive by the folks

for whom

I'm doing this research.

This leaves one option I can think of - standard IDE drive

in one of

those removable HDD trays. We'd probably use two drives, one being active in the machine and the other being kept somewhere out of the house for safety.


I personally think this a great alternative to tape, especially given the
low cost per GB of drive space.

3ware cards support hot swapping IDE and there are several hot-swap IDE
drive trays in the $50-75 range. You *MUST* make sure the trays are really
hot swap. Most are not. The ones that are will be very specific about saying

My computer vendor uses these:

I personally have not used them, so don't blame me if they end up not
working as advertised, but my vendor is happy with them. I have also never
used that company or its website until today, so I have nothing in the way
of recommending for or against.

Another alternative I just found this past weekend... There is a company
making "hot swap" IDE trays, but instead of being IDE out, they're USB 2.0.

It came to my attention that FreeBSD 4.x lacks USB 2.0 support. I used these USB 2.0 trays in a Windows server and hadn't thought that USB 2.0 might not be supported in FreeBSD 4.x. I don't use USB in my FreeBSD servers, so this never crossed my mind.

I'm providing the link to the HDD trays above to show my apologies. :)


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FWIW, those are pretty similar to what I've used in the past, with the aforementioned IDE bus issues. The chassis/drive carrier doesn't really add much into the mix one way or another- I've yet to see a carrier that effectively emulates the (removed) drive being online, which of course would pose it's own set of problems... ;-) No bus hangs, but whazt about, "Oh yeah...oops, I forgot I included that mount point in THAT script!" :-)


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