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I've found that FreeBSD so far has supported every odd sound card
I've thrown its way.

Even (especially!) those on-board sound things built into
motherboards and laptops these days.  FreeBSD supports them all (and
Windows usually doesn't without the special CD-Rom from the
motherboard manufacturer.)

Just add "device pcm" to the end of the kernel conf file, build a
new kernel, and I'll bet almost any sound card will work on reboot.

This question has been answered many times on this question list.
You would have found your answer if you had searched the questions
archive like you are supposed to do before posting here.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out. I searched plenty before posting -- I've been running FreeBSD since 2.4 so I am familiar with troubleshooting and problem solving with it. My message was primarily to point out what appears to be a failure in the documentation.

- nick
Nick Tonkin   {|8^)>

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