Kent Stewart écrit:

> > > I tried to  use the keymap us_intl under OpenOffice  but it won't
> > > work; actually, I can't even type a single quote.
> <snip>
> You have never apparently tried to type ü, ñ, á and all of the other
> special characters that English keyboards don't produce easily.

Yes, the funny thing is that the French accents work fine in many apps
(KMail and others) but OpenOffice 1.0.1 stumbles even on the sequence
<single quote> <space>, which supposedly should insert a single quote.

Any luck anyone?  I tried OO 1.1 to see if it solves the problem
but no luck yet with this one either (it was some weeks ago so I don't
remember exactly what it was...) Did anyone succeed ? (binary answer
welcome :-) )

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