* Jan Stary:

> Why does /et/rc.d/pccard say stop_cmd=":"?   This does, of course, not
> 'stop' pccardd.

After checking  with several rc  scripts, I  noticed that stop_cmd  is a
null command  for all the  programs that  don't have a  well-defined pid
file.   Programs for  which the  pid  file location  is not  predictable
cannot be stopped by the rc mechanism.

For example, ppp-user starts ppp, which  in turn could create any number
of processes, depending on the configuration, and thus any number of pid
files.  Then, a basic "stop" cannot  be achieved, because it relies on a
well-defined pid file.

If you think pccardd can be improved, define pidfile in the rc script to
/var/run/pccardd.pid like what is done in syslogd, it will automatically
be used  when stopping  pccardd if you  remove the  stop_cmd definition.
And submit a PR if you think it's worth.

Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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